Product Review: The ScoJo Invader V3

Recently Offworld Percussion teamed up with a well known, living legend to bring us this amazing piece of engineering. Image

It’s playing surface is made of Offworld’s signature Darkmatter. It’s designed to simulate a snare drum you’d find in a drum corps type setting, but as with the original V3 it is still insanely fun to play on for both building and maintaining chops for any realm of drumming. The thing about the Darkmatter surface is that it not only simulates a real drum head, but it adds a layer of extra rebound which is just brilliant. Think the polar opposite of Moon Gel pad, or playing on a pillow. While it adds rebound and response, it also adds another layer of difficulty to practicing with it because the rebound needs a serious amount of control to adjust to.

Next on the list of things to discuss is the kevlar patch at the top of the pad. In an ingenious move, they’ve added this feature to help those who are practicing lower sticking parts, a patch that replicates the same articulation you’d find on an actual snare drum making it an invaluable piece of the puzzle. It also adds another sound you can use for practicing moving patterns around on the hands. For example if you wanted to practice paraddidles with the accent on the down beat but move them as if you were putting them on a tom, you can hear the distinct noise difference.

Of course it also comes with the same rim you’d find on a regular Invader V3 except this one is the signature BD Blue. This particular aspect doesn’t set it apart from the regular V3 in any other way than style. It is truly a beautiful thing to behold.

For more information visit the Offworld Percussion website.


(this photo is from their website… credit would be given but I have no idea who to credit other than their webpage)


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