“Shedding,” what does it mean? / The comeback of George Foreman.


In the last installment of this blog I wrote about how recording in the studio can be an opportunity to really examine the precision, or lack of, in your playing. Over the past few weeks I have been doing a lot of recording work, with ALO and other artists, and added recording to my practice regimen, which has helped me to hone in on timing and improving the feel of what I am intending to play.

That word, “intention,” keeps coming up for me. As I listen back to recordings of my performances, I often hear a slight difference between how I intended something to sound, and how it actually came out- usually in the areas of timing and feel. That conundrum was the subject of my last article. Breaking down the offending beat or lick and closely examining what-went-wrong-where helps remedy the problem, and I think that this form…

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