Ten Ways To Demonstrate Your “Rock Star” Credentials

John Robson Guitar & Music Blog

As we all know, there is much more to being a “rock star” than simply having musical ability. Often (if Pete Doherty is anything to go by) musical ability isn’t even a requirement. Being a rock star can involve behaving in a way that, in any other walk of life, would define you as an utter twat, frankly. But in the rock ‘n roll sphere, you will be lauded as a genius is you follow these simple rules…

  1. Turn up late: Probably one of the most important things you can do to establish your credibility. A tried & tested ploy used by artists like Prince and Axl Rose, through to plenty of guys I have been in bands with over the years. It doesn’t matter whether you’re keeping a stadium full of fans waiting, or just your band-mates at the rehearsal room. Showing up a minimum of one hour after…

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