being a music teacher (part two)

“That’s what all we are. Amateurs. We don’t live long enough to be anything else.” (Charlie Chaplin)

Lately, I’ve found myself frustrated and dismayed, having others question my ability and qualification to teach music. I’ve been teaching piano and guitar since December 2010 and recently, I graduated in film. I tell this to people and they have this perplexed look on their face. Although I studied film at the University of Utah, I’ve been studying music for much longer. I started taking piano lessons when I was three, started singing at six, for ten years in the International Children’s Choir, played in the Clayton Middle School orchestra, second chair in the second violin section, a show choir pianist during my last year at Clayton Middle School and seriously started guitar lessons in high school. While studying at the University of Utah, I took Survey of Jazz, World Music and Sound for…

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