Music Babies – Lessons Required

The Fine Art of Babies

Lucy_PianoI am often asked why my Babies are so musical.  Most assume it is a dominant genetic trait and perhaps there is some of that – double allele and all.  If I look at our ancestry, I recall stories about “great voices” and music as the evening entertainment before electronics.  Grandpa Golden was said to play a fine fiddle.  I make great music in my head – not so great with voice and fingers.  Grandiose ideas, however, go a long way and in the end, if parental talent is just so so, music lessons for Babies make up for parental deficits.

Just make certain that piano is in tune.

CC Mia piano

Would you let them quit math?”  That is my standard reply to the question about why my kids are musical.  It took me a couple of Babies to refine this philosophy.  I was convinced that lessons in music provided a special type of education…

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