Technology Helps Students Find Their Musical Voice

Christine Holley

Christine-Holley-iPadOftentimes the talk surrounding technology revolves around how it brings cultures from across the globe closer together and allows us to break down cultural barriers inherent to different societies. But for one high school in Queens, New York, iPads are allowing its students with physical and mental challenges to connect with their classmates, and to their inner artist.

An article on details one band teacher?s incredible work with the school?s ?Technology Band.? The band is a mix of traditional instruments and iPads. All the members have disabilities, some on the autism spectrum. Their teacher, Adam Goldberg, is a classically trained pianist with a degree from the Manhattan School of Music. 20 years ago he began substitute teaching at P.S. 177 while playing jazz and rock gigs around New York City. Not long after, he was offered a job at the school, and he?s been there since.

He is a…

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